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November 18, 2010

The Mobimation Enabler (ME)

Mobimation AB is developing "Mobimation Enabler" (ME), a robust mobile service adapter product for "wireless access enabling" of physical machinery. A missing mobile service enabler today on the market is compact IO controller solutions that have the following characteristics:
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low cost
  • Autonomous network prescence
  • Robust IO interfacing (Relays, buffers, protection)
  • Wireless connectivity (Wifi)
  • Developed infrastructure for Android/iPhone/Java ME access
The aim of Mobimation Enabler is to excel in fulfilling these characteristics. Such adaptors should be very popular in quickly service enabling existing equipment for user interaction via mobile devices.

A key goal of an ME is to establish a network presence. The ME see as a primary goal to itself work to stay connected to an Mobimation Device Exchange (MDE) server. This way potentially many thousands of ME´s are instantly reachable for the mobile device user.

ME´s can revolutionize how physical machinery can be made available online.

An article is upcoming on how to actually go about integrating an ME into a physical device, stay tuned.

Mobimation is working on integrating PayPal Mobile Payments with the MDE as an optional feature for use with for example vending machines, car wash stations, or similar applications where a payment action enables access to a service.

More news on Mobimation Enabler will arrive in the coming months where we will be able to demonstrate this product in action. If you are interested in collaborating in this exciting project or have products that would benefit from becoming "available" then please contact Mobimation AB.

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