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February 02, 2012

Android powered Digital Signage

Mobimation is working on an Android based advertising solution for large screens.
This is developed to meets the needs of upgrading existing billboard systems to a solution that allows easy remote control of the scheduling and deployment of campaigns on individual screens as well as mass deployments.
The solution is partitioned as the BillboardRemote app, the "BoardRoid" main app that runs on each display, and the framework for Advertising Suite's (ASes) which represents powerful content in terms of richness in its mix of graphics, still photo, video and optional consumer interactivity.

Some benefits will be
  • Remote installation, scheduling and maintenance of ad campaigns in realtime from any location using a secure login Android application with encrypted communication.
  • Very low cost hardware for driving the billboard display.
  • Internet connectivity enables easy administration and interaction possibility.
  • Ad campaigns run as Android app on screen, interaction possible with
    ad campaign consumer apps that can interact with the displayed ad in realtime.
    This can create strong consumer engagement and brand/product attention
    beyond what can occur with traditional one way advertising.
  • Easy upgrade of existing video based billboard systems.
// BillboardRemote (intended to run on Android smartphones of various sizes) 
// controls the publishing/airing of advertising campaigns on billboards. 
// A billboard in this context is typically a large digital signage display
// powered by a Google TV enabled set top box (such as the Logitech Revue
// or any of the low cost asian Google TV boxes).
// The Google TV box is connected to the Internet
// by means of the most suitable connectivity at the actual location.
// BillboardRemote can upload/select/edit a Playlist which controls the
// advertising presentation of Advertising Suites (AS).
// Each AS exists packaged as an Android application and becomes launched
// by the Billboard app
according to the playlist schedule.
// AS'es enable a powerful feature to allow consumer interaction with ads
// at particular locations. An AS can have an association with an
// AS Consumer Application (ASCA) that allows interaction with the
// ad in realtime from the consumer smartphone. 

// The combination of Digital Signage Display (DSD) and network attached Google TV box
// is described here as a Billboard Node (BN).
If your DSD
// supports HDMI or DVI for video it can be part of a BN.
// Billboard Remote can control the upload/installation/removal
// of AS'es in a single BN
or simultaneously across a network of many BN's. 
// Thousands of such BN nodes may exist globally
// with AS'es prepared for each market.
// Used in the context of Digital Signage the Google TV box
// launches the main BoardRoid application at power on.
// The BoardRoid app runs a server
which Billboard Remote
// can connect to and navigate the options available.

// This server is also used in special ad campaigns that
// allow consumer interaction with the ad from ad specific apps
// at a particular location and time. 

// Consumer interaction with ads is the next big thing.


  1. Yes I hope to have a prototype to demo soon. There are several ingredients in this that should be of commercial interest so I look forward to discuss with digital signage entrepreneurs. Or alternatively become one myself.

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