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November 09, 2012

VideoScripter - Android based video meme sharing

So called memes in the form of labels superimposed on still pictures have become popular in blasting your message across in a catchy way.

In Android application the very rich API´s available offers great possibilities for expanding on this principle into video as well. Same as you can generate photos with such labels you can do the same on running video. An Android app I am developing, VideoScripter, does this and more. In fact it features an entire scripting language for scripted playback of a video clip so that various effects can be display at programmed instances during movie playback. Same principle as with subtitling, only that instead of just displaying a subtitle there is a larger set of effects that can be displayed superimposed, or other navigation actions. This also included subtitling support and a user friendly script editor.

April 2013:
I am adding social sharing as an integral ingredient in this.  Users will be able to share video memes that use the scripting technique. A meme clip gets shared in the form of a URL to a script which gets picked up by the recipient´s VideoScripter app.  The user can play back the clip and edit the script further for sharing to yet new friends and so on. The combination of the new Android Youtube and Facebook APIs is a powerful enabler to make this happen.

Stay tuned for more info on this Android app. 

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  1. The Youtube API as it turned out prevents overlaying stuff on top of video. But other approaches are possible in case of Youtube. An initial demo of overlaying stuff can use a private video server.