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November 23, 2010

FlyPort Wifi microcontroller Internet access

I´m doing work to have Flyport nodes register their presence on an internet server
so they can be reached from mobile apps.

For a background, see this post.

The principle is easy; the FlyPort uses its TCP/IP stack to connect to a 3G Wifi router with WPA2 encryption and gets and IP address on the router. It then logins in to the admin web server in the router, and retrieves the current Internet IP address assigned to the router.
This address is used on the node server mentioned below to access devices connected to this router.
The FlyPort then connects to the remote "node server" on the Internet and registers itself and the IP addres. A mobile app can now access that server to retrieve access info for the FlyPort equipped equipment of interest and do further interaction with the HTTP server on that FlyPort module.

This shows the analysis of HTTP traffic between an ordinary IE browser and the 3G modem that I did to find out how to accomplish the router login HTTP data for the FlyPort.

A better way is to set up a DynDNS account and configure the router to automatically update that service with its current assigned IP anytime it changes. That way the router can be assigned a logical name which will remain valid. Many routers have support for DyDNS updating.

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